Name: Sunny Wang
Team: Experience Design

Trip:  To me succulents are the most beautiful “flowers” to look at and to paint from. Millions shades, millions shapes. Would you like to get hands dirty and make some mini terrarium gardens? Let’s build our own Succulent Wonderland!

I made this heart-shaped wreath at a workshop on Valentine’s day. See how it could turn into a lovely gift to the ones you care about, boys and girls alike. So, let’s make a leisure tour or take a class at the amazing Succulence shop in Bernal Heights, on a sunny Sunday afternoon! Or after work. :)

Details: 1-2 hours; weekend; <5 guests

Fun Fact: I’m Sunny. I live in Sunnyvale. I rent an apartment that reads “Live on the sunny side”.
My fav Korean restaurant is Sunny Bowl in Mountain View. I cook eggs sunny side up only.