Cameron Sinclair

For the past two decades Cameron has worked at the forefront of social innovation, community development and sustainable construction. He has built partnerships and multi-multidisciplinary teams to enable and empower communities in 54 countries, while also raising and overseeing over $75M in impact funds and humanitarian initiatives.

He is currently consulting on a social impact projects, including transforming decommissioned weapons into musical instruments. For three years he led social innovation at Airbnb, conceptualizing and developing a range of projects from livelihoods for resettled refugees, rural revitalization in Japan and Jordan, house concerts, addressing systems for nomadic populations and developing marketplaces for traditional craftspeople in Japan.

Previously Sinclair co-founded and managed Architecture for Humanity, which designed and built schools, health clinics, resilient housing and developed long term sustainable reconstruction programs. He also has managed philanthropic programs for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and ran a for purpose design firm that responds to communities in conflict. In 2017 he designed and built schools for 4500 children in Jordan.

He is a strong advocate in the power of design as a catalyst for social and economic change.  Sinclair compiled a number of best selling books, is a visiting professor to a number of universities and holds an honorary doctorate of Architecture. Sinclair was a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council, an advisor under President Obama at USAID and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. Sinclair won the TED prize, the National Design Award and a runner-up for UK Designer of the Year.

He is based in New York City and still gives a damn.